• Episode 183

    Episode 183: I ask where local sports are in local Dayton radio, then it's time to cover Week Five of OHSAA Football scores, Bengals, Reds, and the MLS teams in Ohio!

  • Episode 182

    Episode 182: Enough fun for MLB Playoffs, more matches for MLS, and a flattening of an arena! It's all LOCAL sports!

  • Episode 181

    It’s time for Episode 181! In this episode, the host talks about the start of the 2020 Cincinnati Bengals season. Also, we’ve reached the halfway point of the high school […]

  • Episode 180

    In this late edition of the podcast, Lee covers all Week Two scores in Southwest Ohio and the Lima area, as well as East Central/Southeastern Indiana scores from Week Three. […]

  • Episode 179

    Get your Week One OHSAA Football scores, as well as Week Two IHSAA updates, as well as Reds, Bengals, FC Cincinnati, and #Crew96 updates!

  • Episode 178

    Episode 178 covers Week One scores for Southeastern and East Central Indiana games, Lee's news back into broadcasting and the changes coming to high school football, and updates on the Cincinnati Reds, FC Cincinnati, and the Columbus Crew.

  • Episode 177

    Episode 177! Brian Reiss co-hosts with Lee and Lincoln Schreiber of WSWO 97.3FM drops in with some thoughts as we cover Dayton's Sports Crisis.

  • Previous Episodes (1-176)

    All episodes of The Cincinnati and Dayton Sports Podcast from 1 to 176 can be found in this post!

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