What is The Cincinnati and Dayton Sports Podcast?

This is an audio podcast that covers sports primarily in Southwest Ohio, parts of Northern Kentucky and East Central Indiana and sparingly Central Ohio. This podcast covers high school sports, college athletics, and professional teams. To give you a better look on what areas are covered, check out the following map:

The coverage area of the podcast.

The counties colored in red represents the main area of coverage for the podcast. If your school or team plays in these counties, it’s talked about constantly. The counties in yellow are talked about occasionally, with these schools and teams belonging in leagues/conferences that are more focused in the red counties.

What teams do you cover?

High School: Going back to the map above, all high schools in the red are covered. The schools in the yellow counties are covered if they belong to a conference or sport mostly located in the main coverage area. (For example, when it’s Ice Hockey season in Ohio, there are more teams in Columbus compared to Cincinnati and Dayton, and these teams will have to get through a tough Columbus squad to make it far in the playoffs.)

College: All NCAA Division I, II, and III teams, plus Junior College teams, NAIA schools, and branch campuses that field athletics in the red colored counties. This includes Wright State and Wright State’s Lake Campus, the University of Dayton, Miami University and the branch campuses in Middletown and Hamilton, the University of Cincinnati and their branch campuses, Xavier University, Northern Kentucky University, Central State University, Cedarville University, Wilberforce University, Earlham University, Wilmington College, Wittenberg University, Mount Saint Joseph University, Sinclair Community College, Edison State Community College, Clark State Community College, and Thomas More University.

Major League/Minor League teams: The Cincinnati Reds, Bengals, Cyclones, FC Cincinnati, Dayton Dragons, Cincinnati and Dayton Dutch Lions, Dayton Flight, Cincinnati Swerve, Cincinnati Sirens, and more.

Others not included: The Prospect League, The Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League, and more.

Who’s been a guest on your podcast?

Visit the Guest tab to find out who’s been a guest! To sum up in a nice, small paragraph: A lot of broadcasters and journalists that cover sports in the area are the bulk of the guests.

Why don’t you talk about Ohio State?

Short answer: I don’t talk about That Team in Columbus.

Long answer: Funny you should ask, that’s one of the reasons why this podcast was started. There are a TON of avenues that talk OSU in the area, but the host thought there needed to be one for local sports (especially in Dayton.) Unless Ohio State is an opponent of a local team, the Buckeyes are not covered on this podcast. This podcast is about Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio sports.

Why should I listen to this podcast?

  1. The host has experience working in local sports: Dayton, Ohio has been my home my entire life (and Cincinnati has been my backyard.) Since graduating from Wright State University in November 2010, I’ve worked with several teams and stations for my career. I follow all the teams that call this area home. I’m currently broadcasting for a high school in Cincinnati for Football season and two in Dayton for Ice Hockey Season. I work for the two big Division I schools in the area. I also work for the minor league teams in town. Needless to say after all of this; I know these teams and this area.
  2. The host cares about local sports: Following up with the first point, I want to see Cincinnati and Dayton sports succeed. I enjoy seeing a local team bring home a State Championship, I enjoy seeing local athletes succeed on or off the field, I like seeing this area have success. I also care about the people that work in the area to provide local sports, wherever it be from a broadcaster or journalist, to a coach, owner, or the like.
  3. The host cares about the quality of the podcast: Yes, every podcast host should care about this point, but let me explain why it’s important for me. You have a finite amount of time. You (more than likely) don’t want to hear about fluff. I don’t really want to talk about fluff. I want to talk about local sports (and maybe my career or an upcoming broadcast, if it’s relevant.) Plus, I try my best to get the best quality audio for your listening pleasure.
  4. No shouting or forcing any opinions: Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of most sports talk shows. I don’t like how “Yelling means that I’m right” or “My opinion is right and yours is just stupid.” Of course I have my opinions (and you, the listen, have yours), but that doesn’t mean I have to shout them out. I’m also in the school of thought that says opinions can change based on learning more about the subject.

Do you accept any fan interaction?

Of course! I always appreciate any fans that chime in with opinions of their own or send in a few questions into “Mowen’s Mailbag!”

Okay, what’s “Mowen’s Mailbag?”

It’s the segment where fans can ask questions about sports and I answer them on the podcast! I even have a special theme song, a mailbag, and everything!

Seriously: If you want to know something about local sports, I answer those questions as best as I can.

How do I listen in?

Simple! Either go to the episode page and listen in on the website, or click Listen to find your favorite way of subscribing to podcasts! You can find this podcast at the usual places, like Apple Podcasts/iTunes, Google Podcasts, TuneIn, Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon Music. I’ve lost count on how many links there are.

Is there a shop to help support the podcast?

There’s two official ones! If you’re looking for more clothing options, I recommend checking out TeePublic. They have a nice selection of T-shirts and hoodies, plus a good plethora of home goods. Also, there are constant sales going on, where T-shirts are $13 and everything else is up to 35% off! The podcaster also gets a small cut from each item sold.

RedBubble is the second shop and has a lot more household goods and stickers. It’s where my podcast stickers are from, and I like the quality! I believe they also have sticker sales constantly (where if you buy 10 or more, you get 50% off all small ones.) There’s even a wall clock with the podcast logos on them, if you’re looking for such a thing.

Any purchase is appreciated!

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