Episode 253: Reborn

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The podcast is Reborn! Like a phoenix rising, so are the days of Cin-Day Sports.

A (finally) serious attempt to resurrect the only source of local sports in Dayton!

No local sports on radio? You must be in Dayton, but never fear! You’re listening to the #LocalCinDaySports podcast!

Listen here or find your favorite platforms here!

Chapters for Episode 253

00:00 Four Words: The Podcast is Reborn
00:15 Like a Phoenix Rising: So Are The Days of Cin-Day Sports
02:52 What’s New With Lee in 2023?
07:24 Recaps for 2023 in Sports
41:11 What’s on Tap for This Podcast

Transcript for Episode 253

Episode 253: Reborn

Lee: Four words: The Podcast is Reborn!

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